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How to reduce your energy cost without using toxic fluorescent lights.

Are you one of the millions of people who have replaced the very cheap incandescent light bulb with the very expensive mercury poisoning fluorescent light bulb -  a bulb that causes neurological disorders such as Alzheimer, Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism as well as respiratory diseases and eventual death? Have you noticed any decrease in your electrical bill as a result of converting to a light bulb that your government claims will lower your energy cost and save the environment? You and millions of others have no doubt actually seen an increase in your electrical bill. Can’t understand why, even though you took their advice and replaced every 40, 60 or 100 watt incandescent light bulb in your house with a deadly (to the environment and to every person on Earth) fluorescent bulb, your electrical bill is either the same as before or now even higher. The reason why is simple.

By replacing the very cheap incandescent light bulb with the toxic and environmentally unfriendly fluorescent bulb you’ve eliminated a very cheap and energy efficient incandescent heat source. Now that you’ve eliminated that very cheap heat source your energy hungry electrical heaters are switched on more frequently now and adding to your electrical bill. You see, electrical heaters make it impossible for you to lower your electrical costs, even if you replaced every incandescent light bulb with the deadly fluorescent bulb. Electrical heaters are the most electrical power consuming electrical devices in your home. Even the smallest portable heater consume 1500 watts of electricity. That is equivalent to turning on 60 – 25 watt mercury poisoning fluorescent light bulbs, all at the same time. Times that by the number of rooms in you home and you quickly realize just how expensive and electrical energy inefficient electrical heaters are.

If you own a 2 bedroom house, you would probably have at least 6 rooms (2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room and dining room) in your house. 6 rooms to heat using a 1500 watts (average wattage) electrical heater in each room means that, even with no lights on (incandescent or fluorescent), your home will consume 9,000 watts of electrical power. In comparison, you would have to buy (average cost of $5 each) and turn on 360 fluorescent light bulbs to consume the same amount of electrical power baseboard or other electrical heaters use.

Why isn’t your government advertising and campaigning to replace these electrical power hungry electrical heating devices? Because the campaign to replace the very cheap, energy efficient and environmentally friendly incandescent light bulb with the very expensive, very toxic and human and environmentally unfriendly fluorescent light bulb is for the financial benefit of the electrical utility companies. The electrical power companies lobbied your government to trick you into paying more. The proof is in your electrical utility bill. Your electrical bill hasn’t been reduced by switching to mercury poisoning bulbs. You are consuming more electrical power than before because you replaced a very cheap heat source.

Your government got involved because marketing the more expensive mercury poisoning bulbs means more sales tax dollars. Higher electrical utility consumption means more sales tax dollars. Disposing of the toxic and deadly fluorescent light bulbs means a new environmental tax.

The most sinister intent of your government is to kill you, millions of you. You see every government in the World is being forced (by the Club of Rome) to take action to reduce the population of the World, by billions. The National Security Study Memorandum 200 (Google it) calls for the culling of mankind by any and all means. What are some of the means specifically mentioned in this genocidal report?

1) Vaccines – to infect and sterilize the World population. The Small Pox Vaccine has been very successful in killing millions. The Small Pox Vaccine was ordered by the UN’s World Health Organization or WHO to be formulated to attack and destroy your body’s immune system. The WHO has since killed millions by infecting the World with AIDS.

2) Perpetual war – the US “Wars of Terror” has killed millions in Iraq alone and tens of thousands in Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Palestine and Pakistan.

3) Man made diseases – AIDS, Avian flu, and Swine or A-H1N1 Flu – manufactured at the biological weapons lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland where it was taken from and released by biological weapons expert and Secret Service Agent Marc S. Griswold – under orders of Barack Hussein Obama – the day after the 2009 Tax Day Tea Party Revolt,

4) Airport full body X-Ray screening – millions are being sterilized and inflicted with radiation induced cancer each day,

5) Chemtrails – aerial spraying of toxic chemical above every major city. Governments, States, Provinces and Territories are now treating mankind as pests and are now dispersing chemicals in the air we breathe. Chemtrails is fumigating the Earth of its people,

6) Genetically Modified (GM) foods – crops such as corn, rice and cantaloupe are being genetically modified to produce deadly toxins. GM Corn is not fit for human or animal consumption as every cob now contains a pesticide,

7) Weather modification – The U.S. Weapon of mass destruction called HAARP has successfully killed millions by using focused X-Band radio waves to trigger man made earthquakes (in Haiti, Japan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, China, Norway), man made hurricanes, tsunamis, monsoon flooding and drought,

8) Prescription drugs – the heart drug Warfin is rat poisoning. How many people have been arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to life in prison or even death for secretly rat poisoning another? Today millions are secretly being rat poisoned by the pharmaceutical companies and their own doctors. The man made diabetic insulin is what causes Type I diabetes which causes blood sugar levels to rise and crash. Insulin causes water retention which results in heart complications and diseases. Insulin blocks the absorption of fats which results in obesity related diseases. No one has ever died of high blood sugar levels. Every diabetic has died because of the man made insulin.

9) Mercury poisoning – both vaccines and florescent light bulbs contain mercury – intentionally. Mercury is very toxic. It causes major neurological and respiratory disorders. It is carcinogenic – causes cancer. Mercury, taken in any dosage, will kill you. It is for this reason that many states in the United States have implemented strict government guidelines in the handling and disposal of florescent light bulbs. In some states now, they send out hazardous waste material teams to clean up sites contaminated by broken florescent light bulbs. And they fine the property owner thousands of dollars for mishandling the florescent lights or for illegally disposing of them. Mercury in vaccines is the main cause of Autism in children, pregnancy miscarriages and birth defects.

When Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency of the United States he opposed vaccines, as he knew that the mercury in vaccines caused Autism and other neurological and respiratory disorders. However, once he was sworn in as president of the United States he aggressively pushed for and is still pushing to have every American vaccinated. At the time of the outbreak of the Swine Flu in 2009, Obama went on national TV to encourage every American to get vaccinated. He, the CDC and the UN’s WHO all began a International campaign of terror by declaring that millions would die unless they got vaccinated. Millions didn’t die because millions refused to be vaccinated. Why did Obama change his stance in regards to the lethal vaccines? Because he is now president and now must endorse and implement the agenda of the National Security Study Memorandum 200. He was given a choice – kill millions or else. When you are constantly reminded, by the mass murdering globalist elite, that there is a gun pointed at your head, you too would quickly change your moral and political objections.

If you’ve read this far, I can no doubt believe that you are anxiously waiting to hear how we can reduce our energy cost without using mercury poisoning fluorescent lights. I’ve actually already told you how. First and foremost, stop using the mercury poisoning fluorescent light bulbs. They are driving up your electrical bill, not lowering it and they are killing the environment and YOU!!!

Everyone can reduce their energy cost  by retrofitting the current power hungry electrical heating devices. You see the heating element in all mass produced home electrical heating devices is what must be replaced with a more energy efficient component. They require thousands of watts of electricity in order to get hot enough to produce heat. Turning the thermostat down isn’t going to lower the electrical power consumption. No matter what temperature you set it at when they kick in they will always consume the same amount of wattage. If it is rated at 1500 watts it will consume 1500 watts of electricity at any set temperature. The only time it doesn’t consume 1500 watts is when you turn it off completely.

So what can be used instead of the energy inefficient baseboard heating elements? For the vast majority, the simplest solution is the incandescent light bulb – 3 of them to be exact. Believe it or not, a single 100 watt incandescent light bulb that costs as little as $1 produces more efficient energy and cost effective heat than an electrical baseboard or portable heating element.

Incandescent bulb are now purposely used for the heat generated by its low electrical power consuming filament. Such applications include incubators, brooding boxes for poultry, heat lights for reptile tanks, infrared heating for industrial heating and drying processes, and the Easy-Bake Oven toy. Because they are already used in heating applications the incandescent bulb can also be used to make very energy efficient home heating appliances.  How much heat can a $1 Incandescent bulb give off? An incandescent light bulb can reach a temperatures of 300+ degrees Fahrenheit.

To prove this to yourself you will need a hand held temperature sensor, a table lamp (without the shade) and a 100 watt incandescent light bulb. Screw the bulb into the lamp’s light socket. Plug it in and wait a few minutes before pointing the hand held temperature sensor at the bulb. I used a Mastercraft laser temperature sensor and got a temperature reading of 310 °F off of the 100 watt incandescent light bulb. What did you get? Now point the temperature sensor at a baseboard heater that is tuned on in your home and read the temperature it is producing. Is it anywhere near 300 °F? I only got a temperature reading of 85 °F off a 1500 watt baseboard heater.

If you placed 3 – 100 watt incandescent light bulbs, side by side in a room, they will give off as much heat as a 1500 watt electric baseboard or portable heater. Did you know that you can literally cook food with a single 100 watt incandescent light bulb? You can bake cookies in a child’s Easy Bake Oven. Why? The 100 watt incandescent light bulb is enclosed in the oven. Very little heat escapes and the heat (350 °F) from the enclosed bulb is hot enough to bake the cookies.  They too were forced to replace the 100 watt Incandescent bulb. They were smart though as now they incorporate a 100 watt heating element in their product and it produces the same heat as the 100 watt Incandescent bulb.

If you built a small metal box and cut out a number of venting slots in the top or front face of the box and then properly wired 3 – 100 watt light bulbs inside that box and turned it on, you would have an electrical heating device that consumes 80% less electrical energy than your 1500 watt baseboard or portable heater. Why 80% and not 79%. In my box I installed a 14 watt cooling fan to force the heat from the box. 314 watts is 79% less electrical energy being consumed than a 1500 watts baseboard heater. 300 watts is 80% less. The key is to place the incandescent light bulb heater low to the floor. Why? Heat rises. Energy hungry baseboard heaters are installed at baseboard height (thus the name baseboard heater) because of this fact.

Another environmentally safer and low electrical power consuming heating bulb is the halogen light bulb.   In order for the halogen cycle to work, the bulb surface must be very hot, generally over 250 degrees Celsius (482 degrees Fahrenheit).

Halogen light bulbs work by passing electricity through a tungsten filament (same filament is found in an incandescent light bulb), which is enclosed in a tube containing halogen gas. The light produced is a brilliant white color.  A halogen bulb will last 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Halogen bulb also get much hotter than other bulbs -  a 300 watt bulb can reach temperatures as high as 970 degrees F. Attention must be paid to placement of halogen bulb so that they are not accidentally touched and that they don’t come in contact with flammable materials (e.g. paper, cloth curtains, etc.) because of the heat generated.  A 20W halogen spotlight has a lamp temperature of 250 degrees F, enough to boil water – the boiling point of water is 212 °F – or heat you home.

Just how energy inefficient are electrical baseboard heaters?   A general rule of thumb for primary heating is to use 10 Watts / Square Foot  of heat. Example: a 10′x10′ room is 100 square feet: (100 x 10 W/Ft2 = 1000 Watts.)  Baseboard heaters are usually strip-heat units and they require a lot of electrical power, 1000 watts plus to raise the temperature of its heating elements to about 350 degrees F compared to only 20 watts needed to raise the temperature of a halogen lamp element to 250 degrees F.

A 300-watt tubular halogen bulb will very quickly reach temperatures of 1000° F, capable of frying an egg in three minutes. Compared to a 1000 watt baseboard heater that slowly reaches just 350 degrees F.  A 500-watt incandescent light bulb is more efficient than a 1000 watt baseboard heater as it can output a temperature of approximately 350° F at 1/2 the power consumption.  A 75-watt light bulb operates at approximately 260° F.  Get the picture?

There you have it. How you and everyone else can reduce you energy cost without using toxic fluorescent lights.

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