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More than 11 quintillion barrels of zero emissions hydrogen gas discovered off New Brunswick

More than 11 quintillion barrels of eco friendly hydrogen fuel has been discovered off New Brunswick, Canada. Enough clean energy fuel to fuel the entire World for millenniums. Not a drop of fresh drinking water or toxic chemicals are needed to recover this high grade, clean burning fuel. This hydrogen fuel produces no harmful by-products upon combustion. This hydrogen gas fuel has no environmental impact. Fresh drinking water isn’t contaminated. The soil isn’t contaminated, nor is the air, or oceans. When this hydrogen fuel is burnt it releases energy and the only bi-product left is desalinated water and pure clean oxygen.

New Brunswick isn’t the only place on Earth with access to this ultra clean burning and cheaply obtainable fuel supply. The entire east and west coasts of Canada, the United States, Mexico, South American, the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, Australia and Africa have access to this oceans of fuel supply. The fuel is so plentiful you can scoop it up with a bucket. No drilling is required. No processing is required. Absolutely no fresh water wasting and contaminating fracking is required. No fresh water is needed to get at it or process it. No environmental assessments are ever required. Most importantly there is absolutely zero emissions from burning it and its free for the taking.

Scientists have long ago discovered that water can easily be converted into a zero emission hydrogen gas fuel. All it takes is a few volts of solar, antenna radiant energy harnessed (T. Henry / Nikola Tesla) or wind generated electricity to split (cold fission) water into the ultra clean burning and environmentally friendly hydrogen gas fuel and oxygen.

Rustum Roy of Pennsylvania State University verified in 2007 that simple radio waves can split water into its components, allowing the resulting freed hydrogen and oxygen to catch fire.

Water covers 71% the Earth’s surface and the oceans contain 97.2% of Earth’s water. There are 343 quintillion gallons or 11 quintillion barrels of water in our oceans. All that water is composed of two gases – Oxygen and Hydrogen. Water is H2O which means 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part Oxygen. Oxygen is what we all breath, including the engines in our vehicles. Hydrogen is the most abundant of the chemical elements, constituting roughly 75% of the universe’s elemental mass. Hydrogen is also a very flammable, zero emission, gas. That makes hydrogen in the water a viable green fuel source.

So why haven’t we been using water as our main fuel source? Because it is essentially a free fuel. Governments can’t sell water or export what they have to other countries. It is actually illegal for a food service establishment to charge for tap water? You pay only if you ask for bottled water and you are not paying for the water you are paying for the plastic bottle. It is also illegal for any Canadian person or corporation to export Canada’s fresh water. For bottled water, what you are being charged a fee for and taxed on is the bottle and now they’ve added another tax called bottle deposit.

Water as a fuel is obtained for free, by the barrel, from rain, from rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, oceans, seas and with a little ingenuity can be collected from condensation. Anyone can collect water for free. How long will this ultra clean fuel supply last? How old is man? Collecting water for free began with the first man and woman. We have been collecting and using water ever since.

Once you have water how do you turn it into a free fuel? Is isn’t as hard as they (government and greedy gas and oil corporations) say it is. Stanley Meyers (died suddenly on March 21, 1998 after attending a dinner celebrating his successful demonstration of his water fuel cell to the U.S. military) proved how easy it is. Rustum Roy (died soon after on August 26, 2010) proved how easy it is. John S. Kanzius (a scientist who successfully cured cancer with radio waves – using his patented Kanzius RF Therapy. Died in 2009 of pneumonia induced by the deadly chemotherapy) proved how easy it is. I, the editor of this website, owner of www.fuelreducer.com and www.frenergy.ca, Paul W Kincaid, has also demonstrated how easy it is.

The above short video (clicking noise you hear is me pressing the zoom button on the Nokia cell phone. Mute the sound to get rid of the noise) demonstrates just how easy it is to fuel the World using sea water. Sea salt was added to tap water to cause the electrolysis fuel cell to split water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gas. No heat was added to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The water fuel cell is cold fission.

My first attempt (years ago) used tap water with sea salt added. I discovered that sea salt was the catalyst that made the whole system work. Using just plain old tap water didn’t give the results I wanted you to see. Water being separated into its gaseous state – clean burning hydrogen fuel and oxygen. I also discovered that baking soda and brewers yeast are also catalysts.

The water fuel cell in this video was made using a recycled plastic peanut butter jar, 2 metal Kabobs skewers, a piece of metal mesh and a pneumatic fitting (to allow the gas to escape and prevent the peanut butter jar from exploding as it did in my first attempt which luckily only caused hearing loss for a few hours).

A store bought digital meter was attached to record the voltage input from the Canadian Tire solar panel. The solar panel was used to apply a very small amount of current to the cell’s terminals and cause the water to break apart into its hydrogen and oxygen state. In the video you can see bubbles rising off of the cell’s metal Kabobs skewers. The bubbles quickly began floating to the top of the water. As you can see in the video there were at times a white cloud of bubbles rising off of the terminals. The amount of gas created from the splitting of the water was greater when the sun rays were unrestricted by clouds. In this video you can also see that the water remained clear at the bottom and middle and becoming white at the top of the water.

I was asked to put the lid of the peanut butter jar on tight and demonstrate how quickly water is easily converted to a hydrogen fuel but because of past experiences I chose not to. The cell would have exploded as a result of the hydrogen and oxygen gas buildup in the tightly sealed container.

I am making no claim whatsoever that the H2O fuel cell is a cold fusion device, it is a cold fission device. The definition of fission is – splitting or breaking up into “parts”. The water fuel cell demonstrated in the video uses very little energy to break the bond between the oxygen and hydrogen that makes up water.

There are no environmental side effects (zero carbon emissions, zero toxicity) associated with burning hydrogen oxygen fuel. When we separate the hydrogen (H2) from the water (H2O) we are left with Oxygen. Something we and every other living creature on Earth needs to live.

Sea water from the New Brunswick and U.S. East Coast can be used to fuel barbecues, gas stoves, gas fireplaces, electrical power generators, gas lamps, gas heaters, and gas furnaces.

Using sea water as a cooking, heating and electrical power generating fuel and using the drive-charge electric motor to power our vehicles can get the World off oil, forever. No more fracking. No more global warming. No more toxic carbon pollution. No more city smog. No more oil related diseases. No more devastating oil spills. No more wars to control and meter oil. No more murdering of the leaders of oil rich countries (Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi) and mass murdering of the people of those oil rich countries by the United States government.

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2 Comments for “More than 11 quintillion barrels of zero emissions hydrogen gas discovered off New Brunswick”

  1. There actually is a lot more hydrogen gas in our oceans – approximately 118.9 x 11 quintillion barrels of zero emissions hydrogen gas are in our oceans.

    The saturated vapor volume of an average gallon of water when fully evaporated is 178.51 gallons of vapor at 60° F and sea level. Hydrogen makes up 2/3 of water (H2O), oxygen 1/3, so 2/3 of 178.51 = approximately 118.9. That means there is 118.9 times 11 quintillion barrels of zero emissions hydrogen gas in our oceans.

    Using a common industrial formula: one liquid gallon = [(8.31) x (SG) x (387 cu ft)] / (MW)


    8.31 = one U.S. gallon of pure water weighs approximately 8.31 pounds.

    SG = specific gravity of water which is 1

    387 = at standard conditions, one pound-molecular weight of a material will evaporate to fill 387 cubic feet of space.

    MW= molecular weight of water being vaporized = 18.01528 g/mol

    Therefore: one liquid gallon of water = [(8.31) x (1) x (387 cu ft)] / (18.01528) = 178.5 x 2/3 = 118.9

  2. Mr Alward (Premier of New Brunswick) and Mr Allan Graham (father of former Premier of New Brunswick Shawn Graham), conspiring with oil and gas companies to intentionally poison the New Brunswick people’s potable water supply is a federal offence. It is called bio-terrorism, ecoterrorism and agroterrorism. Bioterrorism is defined as – “The threat or use of biological agents by individuals or groups motivated by political, religious, ecological, or other ideological objectives”. Chemicals and Biologic Agents are used in all fracking processes in New Brunswick. Some of the chemicals and biologic agents used in the hydrofracking process are so harmful to the environment, to the public, to livestock and wildlife that they are purposely kept as trade secrets by the industry.

    Allowing for-profit groups like Corridor Resources and PetroWorth to intentionally contaminate and poison our essential fresh water supply with very toxic and life threatening chemicals and biological agents makes you just as guilty of bio-terrorism, ecoterrorism and agroterrorism crimes against the people of New Brunswick. The fact tat you have been lobbied by these companies to promote their financial interest and goals using your political office also makes you guilty of corruption – i.e. conflict of interest, fraud, bribery, and anti-trust.

    Above image is of what shale gas really looks like – a piece of rock.

    Mr Alward, you are guilty of conspiracy to defraud because there is no such thing as natural gas in shale. Shale is a fine-grained, clastic sedimentary rock composed of mud that is a mix of flakes of clay minerals and tiny fragments (silt-sized particles) of other minerals – none of which contains free flowing “natural” gas.

    Shale is 100% rock. There is zero water and zero gas in shale. Gas companies fabricate fake (one that is not authentic or genuine; a sham) gas by pumping a highly toxic chemical cocktail of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and fresh potable water, into holes in the Earth in the fracking process. The very toxic chemical reaction reduces water (H2O) into its gaseous state – hydrogen (H2) and oxygen, but in doing so taints these two natural gases with sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide gas and not natural gas is artificially being produced from the fracking chemical reaction. H2S (two hydrogen (H) atoms bonded with one sulfur (S) atom) is a colorless, very poisonous, and flammable gas that will burn readily with a distinctive blue flame. Alward, Corridor Resources and Petroworth are now actively and fraudulently peddling this very poisonous chemical reaction gas as natural gas. The blue flame they are promoting isn’t clean natural gas burning it is the very toxic and poisonous H2S gas burning which produces toxic Sulphur Dioxide (SO2). SO2 causes severe airways obstruction, hypoxemia (insufficient oxygenation of the blood), pulmonary edema (a life threatening accumulation of fluid in the lungs), and can cause death. Acid rain is also created by emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides, which react with the water molecules in the atmosphere to produce acids.

    Allan Graham, you unlawfully used you son’s tenure as Premier of New Brunswick to acquire by influence peddling fracking rights and permits in New Brunswick for PetroWorth, a shale gas company you now head. Influence peddling is the illegal practice of using one’s influence in government or connections with persons in authority to obtain favors or preferential treatment.

    Mr Alward, you and your Energy Minister Craig Leonard were elected to represent the people of New Brunswick, not the shale gas industry. You are now actively promoting the shale gas industry’s financial interests, not the immediate and long term interests and needs of the New Brunswick people. The Canadian Criminal Code includes offences which prohibit bribery, frauds on the government and influence peddling, fraud or a breach of trust in connection with duties of office, municipal corruption, selling or purchasing office, influencing or negotiating appointments or dealing in offices, possession of property or proceeds obtained by crime, fraud, laundering proceeds of crime and secret commissions.

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